Applications for Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft, aka Drones, are changing the way in which people see the world. They are also changing the way in which work is getting done. Here is a list of services and applications that Delta Vector Aerial can provide to support your business or project. 

  • Consulting / Pilot for Hire

    • If you have questions about Drones for your business, or you need a Certified Pilot to fly one you have, Delta Vector Aerial can help.​

  • Professional Photography / Cinematography

    • Most services requests revolve around Photo and Video projects. Delta Vector Aerial can do both indoor and outdoor shots, perfect for Real Estate, Construction Progress, Events, Web Site Content, Training Videos, and more.

  • Mapping - High Resolution / 3-Dimensional

    • Delta Vector Aerial can create High Resolution Flat Maps and 3-D Maps for your project these are great for Construction Sites and Landscaping.

  • Infra-Red Imaging

    • Infra-Red imaging is perfect for detecting subsurface damage of roofing, identifying overheating power line components, conducting wildlife surveys, and for Police, Fire Fighting and Search and Rescue applications.​

  • Training

    • Delta Vector Aerial is capable of creating custom training programs for your specific application. We are also committed to educating those new to using drones, to give a basic understanding of regulations and safe operations.​

  • Security Augmentation

    • Delta Vector Aerial can provide aerial services for security purposes.​

  • Equipment Procurement

    • Through our affiliations within the industry, we can help identify what specific needs you have, and what equipment will support it. Delta Vector Aerial can sell and rent equipment to you and your business.​

  • Other Uses

    • Feel free to contact Delta Vector Aerial, and we can work together on finding out if an Unmanned Vehicle can be useful to you.​

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