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We offer an introductory hands-on training experience for Hobbyist Drone pilots.  We will teach you the basics of flight, and regulations, followed by instruction with your UAV or with one of ours.

Basic Training!

Learn the Basics! FAA Registration, Laws, and Resources, State and Local Rules and Laws, and Responsible Flying Basic Hands-on-Training with your Drone!


Basic Training with our Tello!

Before you buy or crash your Drone, give ours a try!  Learn the Basics including Hands-on-Training with our Training Drone! (using the Tello!)


Basic Training + New Tello!

Learn the Basics including Hands-on-Training with your new Tello Drone! We will open the box together!

Learn the Basics including Hands-on-Training with your new Tello Drone! We will open the box together!


Advanced Training!

This will cover all the Laws and Regulations associated with being a hobby pilot, as well as an extensive hands-on training session with your Drone to get the most out of your new gadget!  (See Below for Drone Recommendations for our Advanced Training Program!)


Advanced Training with our DJI Spark!

Want to take professional grade videos and images from above? Before you buy, give ours a try!  Learn the Basics including Advanced Hands-on-Training with our Drone! (using the DJI Spark!)


Advanced Training + New DJI SPARK!

This training comes with a Brand New DJI Spark!  We will open the box together, and go through all of the steps to register, insure, and execute safe flights! (This Training Covers the Cost of the Drone and Training Only, does not cover registration, or additional parts/accessories)


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Which Drone fits your Style?

Different Drones Fit Different Purposes...



If you are just getting started with flying drones or want a safe way to practice inside, Tello is probably for you.  It is ideal for beginners, and those who want to hone their skills without fear of loosing an expensive piece of equipment.

If you are interested in learning how computer programming and drones go together, Tello has a software development kit that will get you in the right direction.

We use Tello to teach others the basics of flight rules and safety, as well as practice indoors.

Ideal for Basic Training!

This is a great little drone for training. Easy to fly inside or out, we can keep our skills up without fear!

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Hello, Tello!

This fun drone is perfect for the enthusiast that want to get professional level photos and video!

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The DJI Spark is ideal for the person who wants to get high quality images and video without spending a ton of money to get there.

The compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for carrying with you should you want to get an aerial shot for your social media accounts.

Although the Spark is small compared to some other models of drone, Delta Vector Aerial does not recommend flying indoors.

Recommended for Basic or Advanced Training!


The DJI Mavic Air and DJI Mavic Pro are great for the person that wants to get professional level equipment that will deliver exceptional video and images.

Both are fold-able aircraft, that are easy to transport and can be rapidly deployed.  They are great for adventurous person who likes to travel or explore the great outdoors.

Delta Vector Aerial uses the DJI Mavic Pro for professional work and would suggest the DJI Mavic Air for those looking hobbyist wanting to have that professional feel without spending the additional money.

Suitable for Basic or Advanced Training!

For the person who is constantly on the go, the DJI Mavic Air is lightweight and portable.

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 DJI Mavic Family! 

**All other Drones from DJI are designed for Professional Purposes, and are not ideal for the novice drone pilot. These include the Phantom, Inspire, and Matrice series of drones.


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